Marty Hoyle

Marty singing_Fotor   Marty Hoyle Keyboards (piano, organ, vocals)

A true man of percussion, Marty got his musical start playing drums at the age of 7 until age 15 when he decided to switch to piano because he needed a player for his first band, but didn’t know of any in his hometown of Bothell.
Growing up with his dad playing honky-tonk piano, Marty decided to take some notes from his pop, and he’s been playing those ivory keys ever since. His experience spans a wide range of music including church worship bands, synth heavy new wave collectives, and even playing with rock-n-roll heavy hitters such as Michael Derosier and Roger Fisher (former members of Heart). In addition to Medicine Hat, Marty currently plays with Roger Fisher, and also with The Virgin Souls out of Bothell, WA.